Protexin Professional 5G Sachet

Professional powder is suitable for all animals and birds, and is designed to boost your animal’s immunity and encourage healthy digestion, particularly at times of stress




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Professional powder is a highly concentrated probiotic powder which restores microflora found within the digestive tract.

It is suitable for all animals and birds and is particularly useful when your pet is experiencing a period of stress. For example, it can be used when transporting pets, to restore healthy digestive functions after upsets or antibiotics, or as an aid when your pet is recovering from an illness.

The powder contains nine different species of beneficial organisms which occur naturally in a healthy gut, but are low in an unhealthy gut. It has been designed to restore the disrupted gut back to health and prevent any harmful bacteria from entering, which could harm your pet.

To administer, add 1g to the water or food of your pet daily, for as long as is recommended by your vet. If added to water, it should be consumed within 12 hours.

The powder comes in 5g sachets and can be bought in a pack of 50 sachets.