The benefits of GI support for dogs

The first ‘for dogs, from dogs’ healthy digestive supplement in the UK will launch online on The PharmPet Co this month! We’ve partnered with Animalcare to become the first online stockist of Procanicare, the innovative supplement that has been developed from the intestinal bacteria of healthy dogs. 

In recent years, it’s become apparent that human gut health plays a big role in how we feel emotionally and physically. Our modern lives can be hectic, stressful and we might not think about how the food we eat impacts our gastrointestinal (GI) health so GI support supplements are a simple and effective way to improve or restore gut flora. And just as healthy digestive supplements can help improve our mood, reduce allergies and prevent and treat an irritated stomach in humans, they can do the same for our dogs!

What are canine GI support supplements?

GI support supplements can be live or inactivated bacteria, available in capsule, powder or liquid forms, that promote “good” bacteria growth in the gut while reducing the “bad”. This can improve stool consistency in dogs to reduce instances of diarrhoea, and enhance overall wellbeing. 

It’s important to give your dog supplements designed for canines and created with a dog’s biome in mind. Human supplements contain different strains of bacteria that are suited to our gut biomes, though some dog products also contain these human bacteria.

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Why do dogs need GI support?

There might be a number of reasons why you might think your dog needs support. 

  • Ongoing stomach problems, causing mess in the house or garden 
  • Your dog is either mature or a puppy, and is experiencing poor stool consistency
  • Your dog has had or will have a course of antibiotics, which upset the gut flora
  • You have plans to kennel your dog for a period of time or have them travel a long distance with you
  • You’re keen to ensure your pet has a good lifestyle
  • You have a Border Collie, Boxer, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Wheaten Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier
  • You want to change your dog’s diet
  • Your dog is pregnant or lactating.

Dietary changes, antibiotic treatment and stress can all cause diarrhoea as a result of the intestinal microbiome becoming altered. GI support can help restore balance. Certain breeds can also encounter more GI disturbances than other pets, and often age can factor into a dog’s gut health. Older dogs and puppies can experience diarrhoea more frequently than adults. 

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Why is gut health so important?

When your pet has an upset stomach, it can make life difficult and uncomfortable for them and you. You might find that they have more frequent and messy accidents in the house, and suddenly find that trips out and about become more complicated when you have a poorly pooch to consider. 

As we learn more about why gut health is so important in animals, it’s becoming increasingly clear that balancing gut flora can help our pets feel better and live better. 

The intestinal microbiome isn’t only essential for the normal development and functioning of a dog’s gastrointestinal tract, but it is vital for general health. It provides a barrier against pathogenic bacteria and keeps the gut lining healthy and intact. Its influences across the body include:

  • Metabolic regulation
  • Immune regulation
  • Neurobehavioural traits
  • Bile acid metabolism
  • Vitamin synthesis.

It can take a long time for the intestinal microbiome to recover from alterations without intervention from supporting supplements, so it can be hugely beneficial to introduce them into your pet’s diet. 

We’ve recently partnered with Animalcare to become stockists of Procanicare, the UK’s first ‘for dogs, from dogs’ GI support. It is the first bacterial product of its kind to be developed from the intestinal bacteria of healthy dogs, delivering three live strains of canine specific Lactobacillus bacteria to support gut health, digestion and overall well being.