Wet weather safety for your dog

Every season brings about unique challenges for pet owners. As a dog parent, there are a number of dangers to be aware of, and it’s important to do what you can to keep your pooch safe at all times. 

Just as the warm and cold months both call for adjustments to our pet’s lifestyle, preparing for wet weather is also key – particularly as heavy rain can come at any point in the year. So if you want to know how best to keep your dog comfortable and safe during rainy weather, keep reading!

Risks outdoors 

Wet weather can be a challenge for dog owners, particularly those with pets that need one or more walks a day to burn energy and stretch their legs. If your dog doesn’t like going out in the rain, or you’re concerned about their wellbeing, there are a few ways to keep them safe, dry and comfortable. 

Cars can be a hazard during dark and rainy days, so if your dog is prone to being spooked, running onto the road could be deadly, so keep hold of their lead and invest in a reflective lead, harness or jacket to increase their visibility to drivers and other pedestrians. Sticking to quieter streets will also mean your dog is less likely to be soaked through by cars driving quickly through puddles.

In the UK where the weather is unpredictable, investing in a good raincoat for your dog is well worth it for days when it doesn’t stop raining. Your dog’s fur will be kept as dry as possible, saving them from getting cold and uncomfortable.

Keeping them comfortable at home

Whether you’ve been out for a walk or your dog has been in the garden, it’s a good idea to lay a towel down at your door so you have an easy and quick way to dry your pet’s paws and fur, keeping them clean and warm. This will keep their fur and skin in a good condition and warm them up after being in the cold. If your dog comes home covered in dirt, don’t bathe them immediately. Dry them with a towel to warm them up gently, before giving them a bath. 

It’s also worth considering creating a sheltered area for your dog to use when they go out to the toilet in the garden so on days when walks aren’t an option, they have a dry space outdoors to explore safely. Inside the house, make sure your dog has a warm, cosy bed to retreat to after a trip in the rain – especially on a cold day. Consider laying down extra blankets or a pillow to give them even more comfort. 

Keeping your pet’s water bowl filled with fresh water will stop them from drinking potentially dangerous water in puddles or on the ground when they go in the garden or on a walk. Anything from bacteria to motor oil might find its way into water on the ground, so ensuring your dog is well hydrated should prevent them from drinking rain water.

Wet weather accessories

From jackets to grooming products, there are some wet weather essentials that every pet owner should have. Here are some of our favourites!

Phil’s top tips:

  • Never leave your dog outside in the rain. They can become ill if they’re left exposed to the cold and rain for too long, with pneumonia being a particular concern
  • If your pet is starting to get bored after days of heavy rain, consider getting them some fun, stimulating toys to keep them busy and entertained
  • Keep an eye on your pet’s paws during wet weather, particularly if it’s cold outside. Paws can become cracked and sore, and will need some extra attention to keep them clean and healthy.