Animo Activity and Behaviour Tracker

Animo learns and interprets the unique activity and behaviour patterns of your dog. It’s with them 24 hours a day, giving you a greater understanding of their lives.
Morning walks, sleeping under the table, barking at the postman; your dog’s days are action packed and now you get to know about it all.




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Animo tracks the total time in hours and minutes that your dog is active each day, so you can ensure they get enough exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle. Animo will start to collect information as soon as it is attached to your dog’s collar. After a 7-day period where the device learns your dog’s “normal” levels of activity, you can start setting daily activity goals. If activity is set as your favourite goal in the app, you will receive a notification when your dog reaches that goal, and the goal will be marked as complete on the dashboard.

Activity is categorised as walking, running or any other movement, such as playing. Animo lets you set a daily goal for your dog and you can track their progress via the app. Graphs highlight longer-term trends. Activity is broken down into three levels of intensity (low, medium, high).

Animo calories calculation is based on an industry standard calculation that takes into account your dog’s weight. The calories burnt are tracked against each movement type for your dog. The app also provides guidance on how many calories a dog should burn each day, based on its weight, neutered status and age. If calorie burn is set as your favourite goal in the app, you will receive a notification when your dog reaches that goal, and the goal will be marked as complete on the dashboard. You can compare today’s calorie burn data with your dog’s average.

Everything your dog does, even relaxing on the sofa, burns calories. Animo tracks the calories that your dog burns each day and the data can be reviewed in graphs by day, week, month and year.

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, while several nights of poor-quality sleep may be a sign of stress, discomfort or illness. You will receive a notification if your dog’s sleep quality was much lower than normal last night and you can compare sleep quality data with your dog’s average. Define your dog’s sleeping hours within the app, e.g. 10pm-6am.

Animo records a sleep score for each night based on the length, continuity and the amount of movement during sleep.

It can be difficult to keep track of changes in your dog’s behaviour. Even small changes can give you a critical insight into your dog’s health and wellbeing. Animo will start to collect your dog’s behaviour patterns from the moment that it is attached to the collar. However, there is a 14-day learning period, where Animo will establish what is “normal” for your pet, so that any increase in behaviour can be easily identified in the reports. Once it has learnt your dog, unique insights based on your dog’s behaviour will be displayed for as long as you are using Animo.

Animo can accurately detect when your dog barks, scratches or shakes and alerts you whenever there is a significant increase in any of these behaviours.

See how much rest your dog gets during the day.

“Rest” is categorised as periods of inactivity when your dog is sitting or lying down.

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