Ipakitine Powder

Ipakitine Powder is a highly palatable powder that reduces the levels of phosphates in foods which cause problems for cats and dogs with reduced kidney functions




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Ipakitine Powder provides support of renal function in the case of chronic renal insufficiency.

It is suitable for cats and dogs, and comes in a highly palatable flavour to improve compliance.

The calcium carbonate present in Ipakitine acts as phosphate binding agents and lowers the absorption of phosphates from the intestines. As a result, the powder mimics the effects of a phosphate restricted diet and protects your pet’s kidney.

The powder also contains chitosan, which acts as an absorbent in the intestines, reducing the amount of phosphates that your pet’s kidneys take in.

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between the length and quality of life of cats and dogs with kidney failure, and the amount of phosphates they intake from their food, so Ipakitine acts to increase both quality and length of life in your pet.

To administer, add the powder to your pet’s daily food for as long as is recommended by your vet.