Malabeze Universal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Malabeze Universal Medicated Shampoo is a deep cleansing and deodorising medicated shampoo for dogs and cats. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.




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Malazbeze can be used to support treatment of animals with common conditions such as pyoderma, atopy, malassezia skin infections, bacterial and fungal skin infections, greasy or dirty coats, keratosis and pruritus. The majority of atopic dogs with secondary bacterial and fungal overgrowth experience an improvement in symptoms with the  regular use of a specially designed medicated shampoo.

Malabeze has a neutral pH, is non-irritant and moisturising meaning it is suitable for frequent bathing. It also produces an effective lather.


Key Benefits:

• Long lasting

• Non-prescription

• Moisturising

• Short 5 minute contact time


Malabeze shampoo is available in a 125ml and 500ml bottle.

Ingredients: Chloroxylenol, salicylic acid, sodium thiosulphate, sodium C14-16 olefi n

sulfonate, propylene glycol, cocamidopropyl betaine, polyquaternium-10, sodium

hydroxide, fragrance, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, citric acid, FD&C blue No.1 and deionized water.

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