Prozinc 0.3ml U40 Insulin Syringe

ProZinc U-40 Insulin Syringes can be used to safely and effectively administer U-40 Insulin to treat feline diabetes. For use with ProZinc Insulin only.




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For use with ProZinc insulin only

ProZinc U-40 Insulin Syringes are for use with ProZinc Insulin to effectively treat feline diabetes. These syringes are high quality and latex-free, and a pack of 120 can be used for up to 12 units of insulin. Each syringe includes a plastic cap that ensures sterility and the large plunger makes it easier to administer the insulin.

What is it?

ProZinc® syringes are U-40 syringes which have been specifically calibrated for use with ProZinc® 40 IU/ml suspension for injection.

Syringes have a thin needle attached and each syringe is for a single use.

Category: Medical Devices

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